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Stories from Svetliy mir

Thousands of families live in the “Svetliy mir” quarters.

In our homes, people are attracted by comfort, security, landscaped green yards and our own infrastructure..

Each person has his own history of choice behind him. People here find not just housing, but a true home. They find families, make new friends, raise children. Each of them has its own “Svetliy mir”.

After reading the stories, you will find out why these people chose Seven Suns Development.

The decision to buy a flat in a new building in the Nevsky district was 100% correct. The price was excellent, the flat was already renovated, and the view from the bedroom was on the Neva. Living in old houses, I forgot that the entrances can be so bright and clean.

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We are all brought together by the shine of the smiles

My husband and I have long dreamed of moving out of town but to a flat instead of a private house. After all, living in your own house has a lot of nuances and constantly arising problems, both big and small, that need to be solved independently. Things are much easier with a flat.

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Nature is my teacher

I love my flat and the view of the Neva River that opens from the bedroom windows. It’s so amazing! Back at the developer’s office, I remember that the manager convinced me to have a closer look at this particular layout, although it was a little more expensive than the one, I chose initially. Every time I look out my windows, I mentally thank Mikhail for this offer.

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Making the world a better place…

I bought this flat on a mortgage. The quarter is still under construction, so the price was lower than in already developed houses. I chose an area closer to my parents so that it would be convenient for us to visit each other. It takes me only 15 minutes by car sharing from the new flat in Lyublino to their house in Kuzminki.

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My flat with full finishing

It's an incredible feeling when you do what you've been dreaming of for a long time. My family finally bought our own flat. Spacious, very bright, with a stunning view from the window. I can already imagine waking up to the nightingale trills in my new bedroom, in the spring!

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Live today!

I bought a flat! I want to repeat this phrase syllable by syllable in order to finally believe it because I've been working towards my dream for so long.

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Life in nature

Buying a flat is a very exciting event. Hence, why it is a double pleasure when at such moment a professional in his field helps you through, competently and easily explaining everything you need to know.

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My first flat

In my yard, where I grew up, there were no such playgrounds, swings, or ships… We spent time chasing the ball at home, and riding bicycles to neighbouring areas. Each time, we came up with something new to occupy ourselves with.

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Back to childhood

My day is scheduled by the minute. I spend a lot of time for negotiating with people, meetings, and travelling around the city. However, I can always find an opportunity to drink some coffee. If I could, I would move all the work meetings to my yard. I mean, why not? There is an excellent “Svetloe café”; it’s cosy and spacious, very predisposing for conversations. There were several times when cus

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Live and rejoice!