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Stories from Svetliy mir

Thousands of families live in the “Svetliy mir” quarters.

In our homes, people are attracted by comfort, security, landscaped green yards and our own infrastructure..

Each person has his own history of choice behind him. People here find not just housing, but a true home. They find families, make new friends, raise children. Each of them has its own “Svetliy mir”.

After reading the stories, you will find out why these people chose Seven Suns Development.

I've always dreamed of living by the water and enjoying the scenic views every day. And so, my dream came true when we moved into a modern complex overlooking the Neva River.

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The corner of happiness by the river

I really like it here, in the RC “Svetliy mir “Vnutri...”, where I live! Quiet, beautiful, cosy, and filled with nature… At the same time, the city is only some 30–40 minutes away by car.

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Quiet, beautiful, cosy…

It so happened that my friend Misha and I began to live in the same block but in different houses. First, I moved in, and a few years later, he also bought a flat in the complex, as he really liked it here. He often visited me, so he could thoroughly get to know every detail of the place.

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Music unites

Anya and I live in the RC “Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik…”. We met here when we bumped into each other in the doorway at the house entrance a few years ago. Our first conversation started with apologies and laughter. We haven't been apart since.

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Fortunate meeting

I live in a modern complex on the alluvium of Vasilyevsky Island. Although my flat is small, it is cosy, and I often spend time here because I work from home. And when I need a change of environment or find inspiration, I go to the Neighbourhood centre.

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Get inspired to work

I live in the quarter “Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik...”, was one of the first to settle in, watched our complex being built; saw the new houses and places for walking appear.

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Happy to be a part of it

I work at the Neighbourhood centre. Communicating with visitors, making fragrant coffee, and creating a cosy atmosphere – all this makes my life bright and eventful.

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When happiness is just around the corner… 

When I was considering a flat for purchase, I reviewed the new buildings since I already used to live in the old fund. And now, my reality is a modern and beautiful complex with a well-maintained territory and cosy courtyards. I’m always inspired by the scale of the project when I walk along the inner streets.

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The best place to work

I live in the quarter “Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik...”. I was born on Vasilyevsky Island and never wanted to move to another area. When I found out that a new block was being built on the alluvium, I immediately went to the developer's office to learn more about my future home.

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Just like a fairy tale…