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Living in a new way

After getting married, I realised that I wanted to devote most of my time to taking care of my family, instead of casual and work meetings. It is more pleasant and convenient to do this when you live outside the city.

My husband and I immediately liked the format of the complex and the stylish buildings. It's great that there are only 6 floors. We have purchased a flat on the ground floor. We have a wonderful terrace; in spring and summer, it drowns in flowers. Children enjoy spending time in the yard, playing with other guys.

In terms of infrastructure, everything is also thought out to the smallest detail. There is a store with good quality products, healthy sweets, vegetables, and fruits. We treat ourselves by going to our café and restaurant with a view of the bay. I didn't think I would become an adherent of vegetarian cuisine but living here has completely changed my philosophy.

It took us quite a bit of time to adjust our daily life in a new way. Everything was easy, even with educational classes for children because there is always something interesting in the Neighbourhood centre. My husband and I definitely have more free time; we feel better, and the mood is always good!