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Let your soul relax

I live in St. Petersburg, in the city centre. I go on business trips so often that I have already flown all over our country. I have visited cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and nowhere have I seen such a beautiful place as our “Svetliy mir “Vnutri…”.

Unfortunately, I don't come here as often as I would like. But I'm resting with all my soul! Beautiful nature, tall trees, birdsong, the beach, waves gently roll onto the shore... Time seems to stop here. A few days are enough to reboot and rest. Plus, yoga helps a lot. In good weather, we study in the courtyard or on the roof of one of the buildings, in bad weather, in our centre for neighbours. The roof, by the way, is operated. It is covered with a decking, decorated with sea pebbles. The other day there was a full moon, so many residents of our quarter gathered late in the evening to enjoy the beautiful view and reflection in the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

Thanks to the restaurant “Khoroshiye lyudi vnutri”, I discovered vegetarian cuisine and was surprised to find numerous delicious and unusual meat-free dishes.

In our quarter, everything is created for people and spiritual relaxation.