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Enjoying any weather

In autumn, I always collect a bouquet of golden and red maple leaves. Every season gives us certain moments of happiness. You just need to notice them. And when you live outside the city, it's easier to do it.

Our quarter on the shore of the Gulf of Finland is known not only by Petersburgers, but also by the residents of other cities. Families specially come here on weekends to walk along the eco-tropes in the forest, breathe the sea air, have lunch in a restaurant. We, the locals, enjoy nature and any weather every day.

Our stylish houses with only six floors are also very eye-pleasing. They practically merge with the surrounding landscape – with tall pines and a beautiful coastline.

Our quarter is very comfortably equipped; there are many nice places on the territory where you can relax. Besides, it's always easy to find a company – you just need to pop into the Neighbourhood centre. It is especially pleasant that we have very warm and friendly families here.