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Cosy days

That's exactly how I imagined my independent life. Every morning I have a quiet breakfast, watching from the window for neighbours who walk their dogs. During the day, I work. I'm a freelancer, so I only need a laptop and a cosy environment for inspiration. In good weather, I try to spend more time in the yard, in the fresh air.

The flats in our complex were delivered with ready-made finishing. This greatly facilitated and simplified my move. I chose the classic finishing version, a very nice colour of the walls and tiles in the bathroom.

I chose a house closer to my parents because I often go to visit them. I miss my little sister, who now occupies in my old room. She loves to stay with me on weekends, and she quickly got friends here. The girls learn different dances and shoot videos for their group.

It's generally easy to make friends here. Acquaintance with neighbours begins with a polite greeting and a friendly smile. I really enjoy our cosy and homely atmosphere.