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Every moment is beautiful!

A walk with hot tea and a fresh croissant from tИспользовать he “Svetloe café” is my favourite evening tradition. A few laps around our cosy courtyard helps me recharge after a working day, relax, and tune in to a pleasant pastime with my loved ones.

The windows of my flat overlook the bay. The view from the fifteenth floor is not just wonderful, it's breathtaking! My phone already has a whole collection of pictures: sunsets, sunrises, rain, snow... Every moment is beautiful!

I like that our residential complex is part of the large quarter. The courtyards here, are beautiful, each of them in its own, different way. There are a lot of play complexes for children, outdoor exercise machines, places to relax, even a playground for walking with your dog. On the first floors of the houses, there are cafés, stores, dry cleaners, pharmacies – everything you need to tackle everyday needs.