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Happy childhood

Ask my son what he loves most in the world. Misha immediately, without hesitation, will happily answer: "Walking!".

We spend a lot of time outside. Is it raining? We put on bright raincoats! Is it snowing? We take out mittens and warm hats. Is the sun shining? We are having a picnic with hot tea and croissants from our “Svetloe café”. The territory of our quarter is very clean and well-maintained; walking there in any weather is a great pleasure!

When we walk, we have time for loads of things: talking, learning a little poem, repeating the numbers. On the way back, we go to the grocery store opened by our neighbours. It is literally two steps away from our flat, which is very convenient!

There are many families with children living in our complex, so my son always has company. Together, they ride scooters, swing on swings, play on the playground, and draw with coloured crayons. I am very glad that my son has such a happy childhood.