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Second wind

Not only do I try to be a good mum for my son but also a loyal friend. I feel pleased when he comes to me for advice. And even if his problems seem little against the background of my adult worries, I know that it is still important to him. When he called me to the Neighbourhood centre to play board games because he was too shy to go alone, I gladly agreed to support him.

Later, unnoticeably to myself, got involved into it, too! Now, we go together, only to different classes: I go for drawing, and he – for sports. We attend common events together, like to play chess or Mafia with our neighbours, or go to the cinema. We try to go to all the master classes and musical evenings in our restaurant "Khoroshiye lyudi vnutri".

Our neighbourhood has a very busy life! I thought that my days here would be quiet and measured, but it turned out that I became even more active than in the city. I’m constantly being called and invited somewhere, we walk a lot, go to Sestroretsk; we bought bicycles, and my son got a skateboard. He securely walks in the yard alone because our territory is closed, and there are no cars. Our family has got a second wind here!