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Shared values

We’ve always tried to spend as much time as possible with the children in the fresh air. On weekdays, we settled for the playground by the house, and on weekends, went to the bay. Everyone was looking forward to these days. This was how we made the easy and quick decision to move closer to nature.

It's great when you can get to the beach or to the woods within a couple of minutes. For boys, every walk turns into a little adventure and a treasure hunt – pebbles, cones, mushrooms, and berries.

My wife and I also like everything. This is our first flat where we have a living room combined with kitchen, which turned out to be very convenient when you have small children. They are always around; you can cook and chat at the same time while they are busy with their games.

Another advantage of our quarter is local infrastructure. There is no need to go to the city each time because there is a mini market, a café, a restaurant, where musicians perform every Saturday, and a Neighbourhood centre with clubs and hobby groups.

We are happy that our children are now growing up in close contact with nature and close to friendly people. We all have new pleasant and interesting friends. The families, living here, share similar values: a healthy lifestyle and love for sports, nature, communication, a desire to constantly grow and develop.