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A decent future

This summer we had time to relax at the sea and at my grandparents' dacha. My husband and I, like any parents, try to give our children the best, plan their day in order to combine useful activities and outdoor games.

We are very lucky to have a Neighbourhood centre in our neighbourhood. Children willingly spend time there: they sculpt, draw, assemble robots, learn English, and do mental arithmetic. Together with friends on weekends they watch cartoons in the cinema hall. My daughter plans to do more dancing, and my son – karate. My husband and I are happy that children communicate with peers who also have many interests, desires, and aspirations.

Our neighbourhood has a very comfortable atmosphere. There are many young families with young children, all friendly and polite. It's nice to take a walk here and just sit on a bench, looking at beautiful houses. In the end, a lot depends on the environment in which the child grew up. In this regard, my husband and I are secure because our children have a decent future ahead!