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The story of success

There are some of my friends who decided on their future profession in childhood. I used to have a hard time with it. Even at the university, I wasn't sure that I wanted to become an engineer. However, as it often happens in life, some changes entail the others.

My parents decided to buy a bigger flat in a new house, which I was very happy about. After moving in, I finally realised what I wanted to devote my life to.

We have a large block, several courtyards, there is a Neighbourhood centre for all residents. I usually go there to sit with my laptop in a café or play board games with the guys.

Eventually, we have gathered a great company of friends, as our common interests brought us closer. We decided to create our own IT start up. We don't need an office, as we gather in the Neighbourhood centre. Here, we record videos for our social media accounts and take photos. That's how a single move helped me to open a business and find new friends!