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A quarter for an energetic family

There is only one lazy member of our family – our cat. Everyone else can't sit still for more than three hours. When we were choosing a new house, we dreamed of a big yard. Now we have it as large as a city park: there are playgrounds, a sports field, bike paths, a cafe with pastries and a restaurant.

Vasilievsky Island is a great place to live if you like to spend time outdoors. In summer, we are happy to go for long walks on the alluvial shore. In winter, we go to Sevkabel Port every weekend, where we enjoy skating with a view of the bay.

We use everything that our wonderful quarter provides. We like to have dinner at the restaurant "Khoroshiye lyudi romantiki", play board games in the Neighbourhood Centre. This is generally a godsend for families with children. Thanks to those who came up with it! We can always keep our child busy with something interesting. While he is in class, we have free hours for ourselves. We have already noticed that the more diverse we spend our time, the more energetic and fun we become ourselves!