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Hand over the batteries and get a bonus!

september 2021
About 20 thousand tons of batteries are thrown away annually in Russia, which is about a billion pieces. No more than 1.7% of them are processed. In China, for comparison, about a third is recycled. At the same time, one battery that gets into the soil infects 20 square meters of the territory with dangerous substances in 2-3 months.

Although we do not yet plan to introduce fines for throwing batteries into ordinary garbage containers, as well as pay for the "correct" delivery of them to reception points, many still think about how much damage this can cause to the environment. According to experts, three types of points for collecting used batteries can be created in Russia. First, these are boxes installed in residential buildings, which can collect about 35% of all used batteries. Secondly, active schoolchildren and students who, as practice shows, enthusiastically participate in actions to collect such waste. Third, a fee is collected at retail outlets where people come to buy new batteries.

We invite residents of the “Svetliy mir” neighbourhoods to contribute to the environment without leaving their own yard. Special boxes for collecting batteries are installed in the "Sveltoe Cafes". Used batteries will be recycled. Special bonuses are provided for active residents who do not forget to get rid of batteries in the right way.