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The self-boosting project "Prokachka"

november 2023

“Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik...”

In the Neighbourhood centre of the quarter "Svetliy mir "Ya-Romantik..." the self-boosting project "Prokachka" starts.

There are many professionals from various fields among the residents of the quarter. There are business owners, design and repair specialists, social media managers, teachers, and trainers. For everyone who wants to gain new knowledge and share their experience, "Prokachka" has been invented.

At the meetings of the new project, neighbours will be able to learn something new from the specialists, as well as try themselves as mentors. Live communication will benefit and strengthen the ties between the residents of the complex. This is a great opportunity to talk about yourself and get the experience of public speaking in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In the framework of the project "Prokachka", first starts a cycle of 7 meetings dedicated to the psychology of communication. Cognitive behavioural psychologist Anna Pykhtina will talk about communicative games, help formulate a goal and visualise the path, and introduce metaphorical associative maps.

The first "I hear you" meeting will be held on November 13nand will teach you to talk on equal terms: to formulate a message and hear the interlocutor.