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Tea Day in the quarter “Svetliy mir “Vnutri…”

may 2023

“Svetliy mir “Vnutri…” quarter

On the International Tea Day, which is celebrated on May 21, for young residents and adults of the quarter on the Gulf of Finland, the team of the Neighbourhood centre has prepared an interesting program.

A lot of tea and interactive events are waiting for guests at the “Drink tea & play!” holiday. Tea drinking is a great occasion for family communication and a pleasant pastime.

The program includes:
– Tea drinking and treats.
– Games for the development of associative and creative thinking.
– Contests for the development of memory and attention.
– Improvised puppet theatre with the participation of children.

We are looking forward to your visit in the Neighbourhood centre of the quarter “Svetliy mir “Vnutri...” at 3 p.m!