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Training courses for the youngest of kids

november 2023

“Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik...”

In the Neighbourhood centre of the quarter “Svetliy mir “Ya-Romantik...”, classes with professional teachers are held to help the responsible parents who think about preparing their kids for school. Children are taught basic skills of counting, reading, and writing.

Future first-graders meet twice a week in the "VseZnayka" group. Literacy and mathematics classes are exciting with an experienced primary school teacher from the famous Vasileostrovsky district grammar school No. 642 “Earth and the Universe”.

For kids who can't wait to read their favourite stories on their own, the ABC course will do great. Children from 4 years old are enrolled into the group. Not only will the classes help you learn letters and start reading, but also develop phonemic hearing, attention, memory, and imagination. The course is taught by a reading and speed-reading coach with higher pedagogical education and school-working experience.

In the schedule of the Neighbourhood centre for preschoolers, you can also choose creative classes. Every day a lot of interesting things happen in workshops and game rooms: kids sculpt, draw, cook, study in a theatre studio and in a chess club.