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RC “Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”...” in October

october 2023

“Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”…”

The construction of the RC “Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”...” continues. Read the latest data is in our report below.

Buildings No. 3 & 11

— Roofing works.
— Installation of doors in basements, on transitional balconies, entrance doors of flats and common facilities.
— Plastering and insulation of balconies, roof superstructures, descents to the basement, pits.
— Installation of a hinged ventilated facade and stained-glass windows.
— Installation of window blocks.
— Floor screed.
— Work on internal power grids.
— Installation of guides, elevator portals, assembly of cabins, start-revision of elevators, installation of equipment.
— Laying of internal heating networks, water supply, sewerage.
— Interior finishing works in the common facilities and residential premises.

Building No. 8

— Pile driving in all sections.
— Preparation for reinforcement and subsequent installation of the foundation of the building.

Buildings No. 26 & 27

— Pile driving.