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RC “Svetliy mir “Skazochnyy les...” in October

november 2023
We continue to talk about the progress of construction. Read the news from the RC “Svetliy mir “Skazochnyy les...” in the report below.

Buildings No. 1-4

— Decorative plastering of balconies of flats and transitional balconies.
— Installation of a hinged ventilated facade, stained-glass windows.
— Floor screed in flats, common facilities, transitional balconies (caulking holes in floor slabs).
— Roofing works.
— Plastering works, laying tiles in bathrooms, common facilities and elevator halls, preparation for laying laminate flooring, wallpapering.
— Assembly of the main switchboards.
— Hydraulic testing of heating systems.
— Installation of metal doors in flats and common facilities.

Pre-school educational facilities

— Installation of translucent structures and a hinged ventilated facade.