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november 2023
The flats of the "Svetliy mir" are getting even more cosy; now, it is possible to order furniture at a discount and exactly for your layout at one of the largest furniture factories in Russia.

You no longer need to spend time searching for the furniture and appliances. Instead, you can live in the flat immediately after purchase, or rent it out and earn money.

— What kind of furniture does the supplier offer?

Optionally, you can order all the necessary elements for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery and hallway, as well as individual items or sets for a specific room. At the same time, a discount on furniture and other bonuses of this service will also be available.

— Will the furniture fit into the design?

The furniture sets are designed specifically for the "Svetliy mir" in accordance with the layouts of flats, while the colour solutions are tailored to the finishes. A lot of work has been done together with the furniture factory, taking into account our wishes and requirements, so that you can be satisfied with the result.

— What is the benefit?

Discounts, convenient payment methods, and interest-free installments are provided for the residents.

— Why is it cheaper?

Prices are lower than in the retail network, due to wholesale supplies of materials and household appliances from manufacturers.

— Who and when will collect everything?

The answer is, the supplier. You won't have to look for additional storage space for the furniture because it will be brought directly to your flat at a convenient time for you. The payment already includes: delivery, lifting to the floor, professional assembly and installation of furniture, as well as connection of household appliances and garbage removal.

If you would like to learn more about the offer, please call by phone: +7 (800) 777-20-20.