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Advantageous mortgage for IT specialists

november 2023
All professions are important. However, representatives of some of them can get a mortgage on special conditions.

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, by the autumn of 2023, the IT mortgage was approved by more than 23 thousand specialized professionals. We are glad that among the participants of the program there are new residents of the "Svetliy mir"!

While banks consider IT specialists to be reliable borrowers, we recommend having a closer look at our offers. And if you would like to buy a flat in one of our complexes, you are welcome to specify the details by phone: +7 (800) 777-20-20.

The conditions for the IT mortgage program in the "Svetliy mir" for today are:
— down payment of 20 %;
— mortgage rate from 4.59 %;
— maximum amount up to 18 million rubles;
— mortgage term up to 30 years.