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Cosy studio in the RC “Svetliy mir “BioPolis...”

october 2023

"Svetliy mir "BioPolis..."

The RC “Svetliy mir “BioPolis...” is located among parks and nature reserves, where the air is always clean, and birds can be heard singing.

Studio flats in the residential complex are incredibly comfortable to live in. They are spacious and incorporate a place to sleep, a corner for work, and a kitchen. Everything will fit in 26.96 m2: a bed, a large wardrobe, a table, an armchair, a TV... And there will still be enough space to spread a yoga mat on the floor or dance if you are in a good mood.

There is a full bathroom, in which it is nice to relax before going to bed. And a place for a shelf so that all bath accessories are stored in one place.

From the kitchen area, you can go out to the loggia and see the courtyard. It is specially positioned so that as much light as possible penetrates into the flat. At the same time, it can be used as a separate space, for example, by planting a small garden that will be visible from the kitchen and the room.

If you would like to book this flat, please call by phone: +7 (800) 777-20-20.