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“Svetlaya mathematics”: studio in the RC “Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”...”

may 2023

“Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”…”

Well-matched layout of the studio is the key to tune in with the rhythm of life of its inhabitant. What is their agenda? What are they planning for tomorrow? The flat changes its appearance, as in a kaleidoscope: here, is a cosy living room, a study, and a kitchen for gatherings with loved ones.

The main secret is an accurate zoning. Hence, in the “Svetliy mir” a lot of attention is paid to space organisation. We keep in mind how important it is for a person to separate working area from bedroom or give the opportunity to “hide” clutter from the guests’ eyes.

Here is a studio for example. There is a dressing room, which saves space in the corridor from a pile of clothes and shoes. The sleeping place is hidden by a partition, so that guests will only see a spacious living room. In the cosy kitchen area, everything you need for cooking and receiving guests is at hand.

The studio with an area of 30.37 m2 will adapt to your lifestyle as if you have always lived here. See below to learn easy terms on how to buy it.

Mortgage with state support at a rate of 6.5%

The total cost of the flat is 7,558,486 ₽
Initial payment of 15% – 1,138,486 ₽
Loan for 30 years – 6,420,000 ₽
Monthly payment – 40,580 ₽

Family mortgage at the rate of 4.5%

The total cost of the flat is 7,616,796 ₽
Initial payment of 15% – 1,146,796 ₽
Loan for 30 years – 6,470,000 ₽
Monthly payment – 32,790 ₽

IT mortgage at a rate of 4.0%

The total cost of the flat is 7,492,886 ₽
Initial payment of 15% – 1,124,886 ₽
Loan for 30 years – 6,368,000 ₽
Monthly payment – 30 405 ₽