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The mortgage rate of 0.1% per year for flats in the RC “Svetliy mir “BioPolis...”

september 2023

"Svetliy mir "BioPolis..."

Flats in the RC “Svetliy mir “BioPolis...” are becoming even more affordable.

The annual rate is only 0.1% for those who will use one of the mortgage programs: family mortgage or mortgage with state support. Such conditions are offered by the partner bank of Seven Suns Development.

The RC “Svetliy mir “BioPolis...” is a modern green quarter located near the museum-reserve “Gorki Leninskie”. The territory is free of cars, has developed infrastructure and cosy courtyards. Here, the air is clean, birds sing in the morning, and coniferous and deciduous forests give the feeling of freshness.

If you would like to clarify the details of the offer and consult with mortgage specialists, please call +7 (499) 777-20-20.