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march 2023

“Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”…”

Business is a chance to prove yourself a leader, become financially independent and do something useful for others.

The “Svetliy mir” supports any initiatives and provides residents with convenient and multi-purpose commercial premises.

For example, this one, with an area of 107.66 m2 in the second stage of the RC “Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”...”. The ceiling height is 3.63 m, free layout, window glazing and separate entrance groups. The premises are located in the 1st section of the building No. 8, on the main road, the show-windows overlook the street and the courtyard, which ensures a stable flow of customers.

Here, you can arrange a cosy coffee shop with fresh pastries, a flower salon with original bouquets, a ceramic tableware store, a hardware store, or an atelier. The decision is yours!