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Simple kindness in the "Svetliy mir"

november 2023
Today is the World’s Day of Kindness. And it's very easy to spread it!

We watched the residents of the "Svetliy mir" and prepared a selection of simple and kind deeds that will definitely make you smile.

Let's make sure each of our days is filled with more warmth. Shall we try?

You can share a drink in the "Svetloe café": ask the barista to make a "suspended" coffee. Help carry the packages: together, it's not so hard any more!

Sometimes it's enough to push the swing: for you — a couple of movements, for the baby — a lot of joy.

Let yourself be beaten so that someone believes in their powers. One match is enough for this. Hold the door at the entrance. This can help someone a lot.

It can be windy on the terraces. Grab an extra blanket to share with a neighbour.

Offer a walk to someone who is sad. To make it more fun, it's enough to walk around the territory.

Or maybe arrange a meeting of friends? Just like that, for no reason. There is always a place in the Neighbourhood centre.