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Start your own business in the “Svetliy mir”!

january 2023
Starting your own business is difficult – but these efforts are worth it!

Have you always wanted to become an independent entrepreneur, gravitated towards independence, or dreamed of monetising your favourite hobby? The "Svetliy mir" has everything you need to achieve it.

Now there are three locations for sale in Moscow, where you can buy property for your business in:
— Residential complex "Svetliy mir "Stantsiya "L"..." in the area of Lublino;
— Residential complex "Svetliy mir "Skazochnyy les..." near Losiny Ostrov National Park;
— The residential complex "Svetliy mir "V stremlenii k svetu..." ten minutes from the "Altufevo" metro station.

Commercial premises are located on the basement and first floors of buildings. We offer rooms with ceilings from three metres, a wide range of areas — up to 402.3 metres, as well as large display windows.

Here you will be able to realise your dream and open your own drawing studio, foreign language courses for children, a floristry salon and much, much more. It's up to you!

To learn more about the layouts of commercial premises in more detail, go to the website and choose a project.