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Life hacks for studying at the Neighbourhood centre

september 2023
What are the life hacks that will help someone learn? The point is the same: let the child do what they love, and the benefit will be found by itself.

Learning can be turned into a game. To support a child during school days, show them the way to the Neighbourhood centre. You will be surprised how quickly they will find a way to develop their abilities.

Drawing, martial arts, burning wood, and many other activities — all on the territory of the “Svetliy mir”. How exactly this will help the study process, we tell you below.

A place for homework

It is better if mental work is done in a specially designated place. These places can be found in coworking, and it is easier to concentrate on homework there. Additionally, both adults and books on the shelves will be there to help.

Public speaking

In order to express your thoughts competently and be able to defend your opinion, you need to pump your public speaking skills. The first step to develop this is a theatre studio in the Neighbourhood centre. The skills acquired will be useful when you need to present the project in class.

The benefits of sports

Sport and thinking are interconnected. Training accelerates the blood, so the brain gets more oxygen and nutrients. It helps it work. To make it more fun to move, you can enrol a child in sports sections.

Creative thinking

In a creative workshop, you can hone the ability to think outside the box. Drawing, modelling, creating various crafts: all materials are available.

Logic development

To develop logic, games should suffice. In the Neighbourhood centre, not only are there board games of various difficulty levels, but also classics: chess and checkers.

Develop what is interesting

The Neighbourhood centre has a variety of clubs for children. Look together with the child for something that will attract them. How about robotics? Playing a synthesizer? Cooking? Learning a foreign language of their favourite pop star?

Prepare in advance

If it's too early for school, there's still a lot to learn. In the children's rooms, educators teach letters and numbers together with preschoolers, turning preparation for the first grade into a game.