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Commercial real estate in the “Svetliy mir”

october 2023
In the morning, the entrepreneurs of the “Svetliy mir” meet on their way to work. Someone leaves the territory of the complex, while someone does not need to go far because their business is close to home.

And it's not about the coworking in a Neighbourhood centre. On the territory of the residential complex, you can open a business, for which, there is commercial real estate available. These are the premises that are suitable for stores, offices, cafés and restaurants, and hotels.

If you watch interviews with our residents, you already know that some of them took advantage of the offer. The sale of festive decorations and balloons, a health food store, an office for a charity project — people come with their ideas, and the management company helps them choose a premise that will be the best solution on the way to success.

You can contact us even if you are not a resident of the “Svetliy mir”. There are many ways to become a part of it, and opening your own business in our commercial premises is one of them. If you would like to learn more, please call: +7 (800) 777-20-20.