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Comfort in everything

march 2023

“Svetliy mir “Stantsiya “L”…”

Welcome to a flat where everything is thoroughly thought out for living.

This layout will demonstrate you what "comfort in every detail" means: there is a dressing room for storing seasonal items and outerwear. The cosy bedroom leads directly to the loggia, where in summer you can put a wicker chair and sit in it enjoy the panoramas, opening from the 22nd floor.

In the kitchen, you can arrange a cosy sofa to chat with friends and cook without leaving the stove.

Have you imagined yourself living here? We have bright news! Until March 22, inclusive, a special offer is valid for this flat in the RC "Svetliy mir "Stantsiaya "L" ...": if you buy it with a mortgage loan, during the first two years the rate will be 0.1%.

Make a profitable investment in the happy life of your family.