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Interview with Victoria Mitrofanova, a resident of the RC "Svetliy mir "Zhizn..."

november 2023

“Svetliy mir “Zhizn…”

What can lift your spirits in the "Svetliy mir"? For each tenant, these are personal moments of peace and joy.

Victoria Mitrofanova has been living in the RC "Svetliy mir "Zhizn..." for 3 years. At first, she was attracted by the large courtyard and the design of the complex. Today, motivational quotes on the buildings became her private source of inspiration. Now, it's not just neighbours around her, but the people she knows and friends, whom she can lean on in a difficult moment. Victoria has also acquired some new habits: she likes to recharge with positivity in the "Svetloe café", and watch games on the sports field. It might seem like it's not much, but now her home is her place of strength.

From the video, you will also learn:
— How does the security service support residents?
— How is the community of the "Svetliy mir" formed?
— Is it possible to combine life and work on the territory of the complex?