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Interview with Artyom Burma, a resident of the RC “Svetliy mir “O’Yunost...”

november 2023

“Svetliy mir “O’Yunost…”

Artem Burma has been living in the RC “Svetliy mir “O’Yunost...” since 2017. Long time ago he chose this complex at the design stage: when reading the catalogue, he realised that living here would be bright, interesting, and good here.

According to Artyom, the concept of a "city within a city" is the best solution that still distinguishes the “Svetliy mir” among neighbouring complexes. Besides, the residential complex itself continues to develop. More precisely the territory is constantly well-maintained: timely replacement of asphalt, renovation of the surfaces of yard buildings, addition of children's and sports grounds with new facilities, care of flower beds and plants. And the slogans on the buildings confirm that everything is really done from the heart here.

From the interview, you will learn:
— Why do locals consider the local yard to be the best in the city?
— Why won't you find random ads at the entrances here?
— What makes living here so safe?