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Bachata Festival in the RC “Svetliy mir “O'Yunost...”

october 2023

“Svetliy mir “O’Yunost…”

How to engage others with your hobby? Organise a holiday!

Sergey and Elizaveta Pilipchuk did just that. They moved to the RC “Svetliy mir “O'Yunost...” a year ago and began teaching bachata at the Neighbourhood centre. And recently, they decided to devote a whole day to this style of music and dance and arranged a holiday right in the yard!

Why this location? The territory has everything one might need: an open space, a large area with a canopy in case of rain, and many neighbours.

At the same time, not everyone who took part in the Bachata Open Air was a student of Sergei and Elizaveta. There were many newcomers among the neighbours — they learned the movements with pleasure and danced with everyone.

From the interview, you will learn:
— What is bachata?
— Why did the neighbours react so positively?
— What is needed to organise a similar event in the “Svetliy mir”?