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Loyal friends of the “Svetliy mir”

november 2023
November 30th is World Pets Day. We treat them warmly and are happy when new families with pets appear.

Here, it will be comfortable for everyone: modest Lapdogs, active Retrievers, and serious Dobermanns. And if you’d like to walk your dog in the yard, the neighbours won't mind. The main thing is to follow simple rules: clean up after your pet and keep it on the leash.

As for running and playing, we have plenty of space for it!

Not only people can be happy in the “Svetliy mir”. How about going out for a walk? It's so good to walk around the territory with the people you love. Here, you can meet friends and exchange news.

Walking with your favourite toys is always even more fun. And if you move further away from the playgrounds, there will be space to run around.

And if your beloved masters ask you to wait, you won't be bored: one of the neighbours will definitely give you a stroke and smile at you.